Thursday, July 16, 2009

?! Press: Early Work

Here, by popular demand, is one of the earliest ?! chapbooks which appeared in the early 90s. Like most of my early work, this book focuses on the symbol of the bunny. This fleeting, yet ever present figure haunts the work, both a the lens through which the world is interpreted, and that which we see when we look through the lens and see the world.
You heard me.
Look out for other exciting titles olso by Helen, such as Art Book and Kenora.

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Satu Kaikkonen said...

Hello Helen,

I'm a visual female poet from Finland
and I have the honor to have one of your little books "Tight-Lacing" which was given to me by Christian Bök in the recidence of Saari Vispo Workshop.

I like this very much, amazing and beautiful work you have done in here in this book and in here your at your page.

So thank you very much.

T: Satu Kaikkonen from Finland