Monday, July 20, 2009

Spam Po

My work gets a lot of Spam, most of it invitations to bogus scientific conferences, Russian spam I can’t read, or the ever popular male enhancement advertisements. Some of this junk, however, is actually kind of interesting. For a few weeks, I received several poetic spam messages a day. These odd little messages are evidently intended to mess us your spam filter. Since the language of these messages is not spam-like, if you mark these messages as spam or junk, the spammer hopes that all your regular email will be marked as spam or junk as well. Once this starts happening, you will be forced to turn off your spam filter so that you can read your real correspondence. The spammer will then be able to flood your inbox with their real spam, that is, invitations to bogus scientific conferences, Russian spam you can’t read, or the ever popular male enhancement advertisements. Apparently this whole scheme doesn’t really work, but nonetheless, these messages were more entertaining than the usual 60 junk email messages I have to read every day. Sadly, these poetic messages have stopped coming, but here are three sets of the messages I got. The first are those that are trying to be poetic. Considering the antiquated language in places, I assume the spammer has copied and pasted these chunks of text from somewhere… though I haven’t checked this out. The second set are short little messages that cobble together incongruous words. The third set are from regular, run of the mill type spam messages, but whose odd use of language makes these messages inadvertently poetic.
No editing or touch-ups have been done. All odd phrasing and creative spelling is the spammer’s own. The emails have simply been ordered chronologically.


on the lawn among the trees

the bound or outward circumference of energy.

of a firm perswasion of any thing.

deny their own kin in the outcast in gray.

the just man into barren climes.

far over ocean as the plow follows words,

so god rewards prayers.

who nails him down upon a rock,

an infant groan an infant fear –

her arm'd with sorrow sore:
or such other improprieties

as the hudson retakes its thickets

and i shall not tempt the sea to-day.

and i made a rural pen,

thou sittest at the western gate;
lazily rocking on ocean`s breast,

and wash in a river and shine in the sun.

and death shallops but yesterday

When guardian angel behind is ,

bowling ball beyond

%WORD_8 reactor of class action suit.[3

Edward, Edward

hard grains of whirling snow still beat.

Earth, crowded, cries, 'Too many men!'

His nose

And his Aunt Jobiska made him drink

They danced by the light of the moon fniyho


buzzing weinberg anthropology


epidemic equine

cure woven bloat

explanation suny covenant
dub dub


l stroke

serendipity buttrick sparge


bell bell



wehr doorstep

irs canister irs


town miltonic



Confirmation link

marriott cabdriver larkin

eureka planetesimal ironwood


If your girlfriend is always late, buy her a golden watch.

You can appear rich by being very poor if you want.

Your watch will understand you better than anyone else.

You can look great without any special efforts.

The words can't describe the beauty of your instrument.

You will love our interface and you will love our odds.

put you to sleep!

We thinkthe pressure,

involves a number

You'll probably *thank me* for letting you know about it...

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Julya said...

Love it! I guess there is *some* use for spam emails after all...