Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Magyar Műhely


Most of the “famous” (haha) visual poetry I’ve had presented to me has come primarily from German, South American, or North American writers. The cultural lines drawn in Mary Ellen Solt’s “Concrete Poetry: A Worldview,” (1968) seem to have held for the most part—so I was thrilled to find this website, which features the work of seven Hungarian visual poets. While some of the work is spiffy, and some of it just sort of there, it’s interesting to find at least a small page devoted to the visual poetry of a culture outside the norm. Just because visual poetry is itself a marginalised genre, does not mean that voices are not marginalised within it. This is an issue I first encountered when studying the role of women in visual poetry. Professors and visual poets alike would assert that, “there are no women in visual poetry,” right before listing off the names of ten women visual poets I needed to look up. A google search of the words “women vispo,” will also turn up almost 60,000 hits of varying pertinence and interest. So it seems there are women in visual poetry. I am glad to have found that there are Hungarians in visual poetry, too. There’s even Mária Hegedús, a Hungarian woman visual poet! Hooray!

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