Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Medieval Woman: The 80s Margenalia

My mum picked up a used day book at the thrift store for me because it was full of medieval images of women, which I'm studying in school. It also has writing in it from the original owner up until February of that year. Here's what she left behind.

To Cathy
—I hope 1986 is
your best year yet

101 Dalmations
School Started. Art with Mart.
Laurie left
Grandma Velestuk died. *this entry is crossed out
Staff XmasParty moved to 17th.
Jim left
Grandma died
Xmas Party
left with Mart
Lunch with Dave & Linda
Dinner at the A&W with DRW
Lunch with L&D
Elbow Room with Carole & Dan
to observe drinking behavior.
Scott moved in.
Hockey Game with Mart
Went to the Holy Cross to
visit Vicky Graham. Had Lunch & went
shopping with Dave. Saw Sexual
Perversity in Chicago with Mart.
Little Place for Lunch with
D & L
Ash Wednesday
Visited Vicky
Pancake Thursday
Genie Nominations—no luck.
Laurie came home.
Went out for drinks with
Mart & Carol Hawkwood.
Flowers from Dave.
Vicky at the Sound of Music.
Went to Mart’s. —Carol M,
Simon, John, Nob & Me. 5:30 a.m.
Dave’s interview.
Lunch with Dave, Linda, &
Simon. Shopping with Dave at
Deerfoot Mall.
Lunch with Dave. Shopping at
Chinook. Coldest day on record
for this date. -40ish. Brrr.
Lors I went to Chinook.
Earl’s after work with
Coffee with Dave, everything is
off until April. hmmm…. we’ll
see what happens here.

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