Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Word From Our Sponsors

It's late November--and if you are in any way associated with academia, you too may be living off shawarmas and directing all of your energy into resisting the urge to hide under your desk until your papers either write or grade themselves. If this is the case, you probably remain chained to your computer out of guilt and panic, even if you aren't doing anything productive, just to feel like you're accomplishing something. If that's the case, you may welcome this distraction. Oh did I say shawarmas? I meant yoghurt.

If you need more distracting, you can find more Target Women here.


Tamara said...

Hi, Helen. Could you please tell what poem inspired the title of your blog? "A _ is a sometimes" is familiar but I can't place it. I'd much appreciate any hint you can give me on the origin of the phrase.

Helen Hajnoczky said...

"a teacozy is a sometimes" is a line from a poem i wrote a few years ago, though i wouldn't be surprised if it echoes a gertrude stein poem somewhere, since her work inspired my own poem.

Tamara said...

Thank you!