Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Partial Evil with Chearfullest Resignation: A List for Miss Beverley

Partial Evil with Chearfullest Resignation
Or, A List for Miss Beverley

A journey, an argument, an arrival, a sketch of high life,
an assembly, a breakfast, a project, an opera rehearsal,
a supplication, a provocation, a narration.

A man of wealth, a man of family, a masquerade, an affray,
a fashionable friend, a family party, an examination,
a têtê à têtê.

An application, a perplexity, an admonition, an evasion,
an adventure, a man of genius, an expedient, a remonstrance,
a victory.

A complaint, a sympathy, a conflict, an expectation,
an agitation, a man of the ton, a reproof, a mistake,
an explanation, a murmuring.

A rout, a broad hint, an accommodation, a detection,
a sarcasm, a surmise, a bold stroke, a miser’s mansion,
a declaration, a gamester’s conscience, a persecution,
a man of business, a solution.

A debate, a railing, an antique mansion, a rattle, a storm,
a mystery, an anecdote, a conference, an attack, a retreat,
a worry.

A renovation, a visit, an incident, a proposition, a letter,
a discussion, a retrospection, an embarrassment, a torment.

An interruption, an event, a consternation, a perturbation,
a cottage, a contest, a message, a parting, a tale, a shock.

A cogitation, a surprize, a confabulation, a wrangling,
a suspicion, a disturbance, a calm, an alarm, a suspense,
a relation, an enterprise.

A discovery, an interview, a summons, a deliberation,
a decision, a prating, a pursuit, an encounter, a tribute,
a termination.

A list of the chapter titles from Frances Burney's "Cecilia or Memoirs of an Heiress."

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Pearl said...

neat find and arrangement. Burney would probably be pleased to be given the bump up.