Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ink Melts

I've done so many of these coloured-in visual poems in the past week that I'm starting to lose feeling in the tip of my thumb where the pencil rests. The visual poetry for this project is almost done, though, so it's worth it... and I'm sure by tomorrow my thumb will be ok :P I now have the 26 large Alpha-Seltzer letters, the Kaleidoscope poem, and 8 pieces using the whole alphabet in the font you see above. I still want to make two more poems to go with the Kaleidoscope one, three more of these ink splatter ones, one more in this small font, and three for the medium and large fonts I used in the project. So, 35 down, 12 to go. Whew! Luckily it's gloomy and rainy in Montreal today, so it shouldn't be hard to stay indoors and work. And by work, I mean colouring. While watching tv. Ha.

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