Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glenmore Benches

Glenmore Park in Calgary, Alberta, is more than just a tract of land through which to run a highway. Many Calgarians love this park, and there is no better evidence of this love than the benches that dot the cliff overlooking the reservoir.

Set to music by Brahms. My apologies if I have mispronounced your name or one that you recognize.

Dedicated to my mom and sister.

(Update: Ha--sorry I just figured out how to make this not autoplay. You could watch it anyway, though ;) )

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Gord Cummings RSW said...

I just picked up your book today and blasted through it. I am a newby to reading poetry and thought I'd try something local. your book was great, and thought that the commentary at the end wasn't necessary because all of those points made in it I picked up on through merely reading the poetry itself. Great read with many interconnected themes. I totally followed it. Thanks for the read!