Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Prick and a Stitch

Indeed a sample is not a sample... I can't quite seem to snap a photo of this that makes the colour look right--the pink should be brighter and the paper more cream-coloured, but no combination of scanner, flash, or lighting seems to capture this. Oh well. Anyway, it's embroidery thread on a sheet of beige construction paper. Poem 'A Handkerchief' by Gertrude Stein, from Tender Buttons.


K. said...

I love this. What was your process for doing it? What kind of thread did you use?

Helen Hajnoczky said...

thanks! i just used regular old thread from the sewing box. i wrote the poem out lightly in pencil, then stitched it on very carefully so the paper wouldn't tear. when i did the one of the margaret atwood poem i printed the poem backwards on the other side of the page which made it easier to see the letters when pushing the needle through from the back--i just held the sheet up to a light and didn't have to make any test pricks. :)